Spring 2018 | Düsseldorf

Crystaphase Pathways Europe is preparing for launch. Check back soon for dates and details.

You know how your reactor works.
Are you ready to give it what it wants?

At a Crystaphase Pathways course, you’ll spend a day and a half in the rhythm and flow of reactor dynamics.

Focusing on the feedstock, we’ll start with what every reactor would tell you about filtration if it could. From there, we’ll take a closer look at the three bad habits of feedstock that most often kill performance in the catalyst bed. Then, we’ll explore the techniques of feedstock distribution that will put you in control of your temperatures and reactivity. And at each step, we’ll have a little fun with some exercises adapted from real-world scenarios—some you may have seen before, and some we bet you haven’t. You’ll go back to your refinery equipped to tell your vendor what kind of loading you want in order to get the kind of performance you want.

Together, we will follow the path of a thorough reactor performance analysis. Along the way, we’ll look at the components of your feedstock and the principles that govern its behavior in a fixed bed. We’ll practice interpreting the data your reactor gives you, decoding reactor loading diagrams, and reconciling the two. Once you know what your reactor wants, can you tell which of two loadings will benefit your reactor the most? After this course, you’ll be better able to make that choice—and make your reactor run like you always knew it could.

Learn how to tell what your reactor wants at a Crystaphase Pathways course.