Long live the catalyst.

Our goal is to improve and extend the performance of your catalyst. Any number of obstacles can stand in the way. Poisons such as nickel, vanadium, silicon, and arsenic can inhibit reaction activity. Channeling and coking can limit liquid-gas interaction. Raising the temperature of incoming feedstock will buy you a little time, but it also moves you that much closer to your next shutdown. With every shutdown comes lost profits and added risk to employee safety.

Crystaphase helps you extend those cycles—beginning with an insightful snapshot of what’s happening inside your reactor. With state-of-the-art technology and comprehensive expertise, we identify the poisons, suspended solids, flow issues, and other unique factors that impede catalyst performance.

Working with you, we develop customized purification and dispersion solutions to remove those obstacles while keeping temperatures in an optimal range, extending your reactor’s life cycle.

Poison control. Particle removal. Dispersion. Done.

Proven in thousands of applications worldwide, Crystaphase CatTrap® technology has been adopted into the best practices of all major oil companies, and is by far the most effective solution on the market.

Our proprietary internal filtration design alone can multiply your cycle length. By adding our poison control technology and targeting porosity to your particular requirements, we can take your reactor's performance even further. And our product's unmatched space efficiency means more room for catalyst, which means extending run time further still.

  • Approximately 159 ft3 of CatTrap® technology
    and 716 day cycle

  • Approximately 180 ft3 of conventional top bed
    and 300 day cycles

Performance adds up.

Extend production cycles up to 1,000%

Reclaim annual profitability up to $100 million

Increase throughput by up to 50%

Reduce risk with fewer shutdowns

Get a snapshot of your reactor's performance.

Optimized operations begin with an in-depth analysis of your system, from foulant to feedstock. Take the first step now.

Get your reactor analysis now.