Mitigate pressure, inside
and out.

Precipitation. Polymerization. Agglomeration. These are your enemies. When crust layers begin to develop in your system, the pressure-drop curve begins its precipitous rise, with a shutdown not far behind. Pressure drop not only costs you money, it results in greater risk exposure and higher pressure for everyone.

As foulant accumulates in your reactor, maintaining flow and throughput means greater pressure differential.

Avoiding the curve.

Our laboratory and technical services team can help you pinpoint the foulants that plague your system. Wielding unique analytical tools and pressure-drop simulation models, we can design a custom solution to avoid the curve. How?

Crystaphase CatTrap® technology features a unique internal filtration design that takes crust layers out of the equation without sacrificing dispersion. With sustained flow, you dramatically extend your production cycle.

Boost your numbers.

Extend your production cycles by as much as 1,000%

Improve throughput by as much as 50%

Work longer, safer.

Don't put off optimizing your system.
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